Arctostaphylos glandulosa

          Eastwood Manzanita



Horticultural Notes

3-5’ x 6-8’         Eastwood Manzanita is the most common Manzanita in the county, and actually is found throughout much of the coastal slopes of California. Plants grow from a very persistent burl that resprouts after fires. The leaves can be gray-green to a glaucus whitish-gray with or without hairs and stems often have short bristles. Panicles of flowers are white to pinkish-white and followed by edible berries.

The berries were an important food source for Native peoples. Soaking the ripe berries, often mashed, in water provided a refreshing drink that is said to compare to the best apple cider.  The kernels were also ground into flour.[1]

[1] Anderson, M. Kat. Tending the Wild, pg. 278.