Allium haematochiton

          Red Skin Onion



Horticultural Notes

12-18″ x clumping

Red Skin onion is a bulb that forms dense clusters and sends up flat-sided gray-green leaves.  White flower clusters sometimes flushed pink form on terminal stems.  They are often found near streams in cracks in the rocks but also meadows and chaparral areas.  It is reported that rows of these onions were found on Otay Mountain, a sign of Native cultivation.  There is also a whole hillside covered with these in Hellhole Preserve on Robinson Mountain. The leaves were gathered and eaten raw and added as a garnish to other foods. Bulbs were eaten fresh or could be roasted which is said to improve the flavor.[1]

[1] Clarke, Charlotte Bringle. Edible and Useful Plants of California, pg.70.